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Insurers & Brokers Insurance Inspection Service in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley, BC

What is a home insurance inspection? A home insurance inspection is an inspection of a residential property ordered by the insurance company underwriting the homeowner’s policy. A home insurance inspector will typically observe the condition of the home and any risks on the property or in the neighborhood. Additionally, the insurance inspector may measure the house, draw a diagram, and collect other physical data that will be used to calculate the replacement cost of the home.

Detailed Inspections, Clear Reporting

At Tourent Inspections, we understand the importance of performing detailed inspections. That’s why we take the time to examine every aspect of the home in question, from the roof to the foundation to everything in between. And as a customer, you’ll be sure to benefit from our:

  • Convenient appointments
  • Clear, concise post-inspection reports
  • Reasonable rates

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